A Different Perspective On English

To be honest, English was never my best subject. As a matter of fact, I dreaded every English class starting from high school . I never really understood what the teacher expected and what she thought was a good essay. Whenever I wrote an essay that I thought was decent, my teacher would critique it so harshly, that I just decided to rewrite the whole essay. Writing the first draft was not only a pain in the *** but it took FOREVER. Most of the time spent is just me staring at the empty Word document, not knowing what to write. And whenever I did write something, it never really sounded like how I imagined it in my head. The amount of time I dedicated towards English class was more than all my other courses COMBINED. And even worse, the grade I received for English was always my worst every year.


Also, I disliked English because of the course content. I am sure that the teachers could of have made the English curriculum much more interesting. I mean who really wants to read Frankenstein or any of Shakespeare’s plays. At the end of each page, we spent more time trying to understand what we just read than actually reading the page. What fun is reading if we can barely even understacurtain-colornd the text? Not only was the content boring to read, we also had to do a deep literary analysis of these texts afterwards. We had to list all the symbols, themes, imagery, etc. in these texts. I had absolutely no idea how to come up with any of these. But thank god for this website. I still remember one time, my teacher was somehow able to relate a poem about washing laundry to cleansing our souls and washing away our sins. To this day, I am still quite confused about how she came up with that analysis. I guess I was just never able to infer the author’s deeper meaning.

Every year, we had to do an ISP (Independent study project) worth 15% of our final grade. To make this assignment easier, I would always pick a book that had already had a movie. Of course, I always read the whole book. It’s just that, I could always watch the movie just in I did not understand thbook-moviee book. For example, in grade 12, I chose The Great Gatsby as my ISP book as I knew there was already a movie based on the book. Watching the movie was for sure more enjoyable than reading the book and it did help me understand the plot a lot better.



FINALLY, university has come and the days of mandatory English classes were over. I made sure that I picked a program where English was needed to a minimum. Needless to say, I was more than disappointed to hear that I had to do 2 more English courses in university. Just when I thought I was completely done with English, I had to do 2 more courses. Why do I even have to take these courses if I’m in a math program? Of course, when it was time to pick my communication courses, I chose the one that seemed the easiest. For my 1A term, I chose SPme-fail-englishCOM100 (interpersonal communications), which had much easier content compared to High School but it did have quite a bit of work. Although it was supposed to be about interpersonal communication, we spent most of the entire course writing weekly journals and watching presentations.

When it was time to choose the second communication course, for this term, a specific course caught my attention. FINALLY, an English course that relates to mathematics. Am I finally going to learn something in English that is useful? I immediately chose ENGL 119 to be my second communications course but due to the high demand, there was no space left. However, I was determined to do the course no matter what, even if I had to wait until next year. I checked Quest every day and one day it finally happened. A spot opened up for the course. I switched in as fast as possible and luckily, I took the last spot.

I am looking forward to what this course has to offer. All the content seems to be very interesting and relevant to my future career. I am sure that this course will bi-love-englishe able to change my outlook on English.  This blogging assignment gave me the opportunity to write my very first blog. For once, I actually enjoyed doing an English assignment. I am looking forward to doing the rest of the assignments in the course. In particular, I am excited for the TED talk assignment. I am almost certain that this English course will change my outlook towards English class. No more Romeo and Juliet and finally I can learn something applicable to real life.


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